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Turbulence Guidance

4D Clear Air Tubulence forecast measured in ICAO standard's Eddy Dissipation Rate

Radar Reflectivity

CONUS 4D reflectivity mosaic based on Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor research at NCAR

Cloud Top Height
Convection Diagnosis

Advanced weather product that characterize cloud structure and intensity

Flight Route Tool

Retrieve submitted flight plan, or plot route via map and/or text input

Vertical Weather Profile

Browse weather products in vertical representation along flight path and measure impacting distance

Aeronautical Charts

Integrated SkyVector IFR Enroute High and Low chart, and IFR Area chart

Global Weather Hazard

Using both Cloud Top Height (Cloud Top) and Convection Diagnosis Oceanic (Convective Threat) products together, users can quickly locate hazardous region worldwide. The Cloud Top product depicts the cloud top in flight level by utilizing geostationary satellites with GFS model. The Convection Diagnosis Oceanic detects convective regions by computing with a weighted combination of inputs derived from satellite-based detection algorithms and global lightning strikes.
NCAR Oceanic Remote Weather / ATCA Journal NCAR EFB

Image source from NCAR

Global Composite Turbulence Guidance Forecast

According to NASA's Aviation Safety Program, weather is a contributing factor in about 30 percent of all aviation accidents. Turbulence is the greatest cause of airline injuries which can costs airlines over $100 million a year. Global Composite Turbulence Guidance product uses advanced algorithm from MeteoStar with turbulence forecast from NWS to help users to identify hazardous regions and improve the passengers and crew safety.
App Avoid Turbulence / Delta Talks Turbulence

Delta Talk Turbulence
Image source from Delta Air Lines

Vertical Weather Profile

By utilizing top down view and vertical profile view of the weather, our unique vertical weather profile can improve the situational awareness along your flight route

Vertical profile


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